Barbary Macacque's live in groups of up to 80 individuals, known as troops.

The Gibraltar  troop sizes vary between 8

 and 60 members.


Within each Troop, there is a strict hierarchical structure.  Each Troop is led by an alpha female and/or alpha male. 


Each troop protects its territory from invasion by other troops.  Incursions by unknown monkeys will be communicated quickly and the whole troop will take a defensive stance. 


Each Troop is a close knit family with all members taking care of the young. They will put themselves in danger to take the young to safety if they anticipate a threat.


Social bonds are  formed and strengthened by grooming each other.

Gibraltar Troops

In Gibraltar there are 6 Troops living freely in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. The main tour will take you to the territories of 4 of these groups. The extended tour will take you to the territory of one more small troop.

General Facts


65-75% of Wild Barbary Macaques live in the Cedar Forests of the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The remaining number exist in other areas of Morocco and Algeria.


They are Omnivores, which means that they forage for a wide variety of plants, fruit, roots, nuts and insects.


Experts estimate that the species are threatened by extinction within 10 to 15 years if action is not taken. The main threats are deforestation and illegal trading.


  • Height:       45-70 cm
  • Weight:      10-16 kg
  • Gestation:  6 months     
  • Lifespan:    20 - 25 years
  • Fur:      Yellowish Grey & Brown


They are the only primate North of the Sahara, and the only species of the genus Macaca outside of Asia. The Gibraltar troops are the only primate species in Europe. 


Their teeth layout is the same as humans.

They have thumbs like humans. 

They have tails that are too small to see.

They are resilent to extemes in temperature.

Males are larger than the females.