Gibraltar Chronicle

Tourists encounter an incursion by Cable Car troop into Prince Philip's Arch territory

Two packs of Barbary Macaques clash at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar

Olive Press

Dr Eric Shaw talks about Gibraltar's Barbary Macaques

Dr Eric Shaw explains all you need to know about Gibraltar's Barbary Macaques


Daily Mail

Attempt to protect Morocco's Barbary Macaques

Morocco Fights to Save Barbary Macaques


CBS News Video interview with Dr Eric Shaw Barbary Macaque expert

Seeking peace between Gibraltar's famed monkeys and human visitors

2015 - 2016

Saving the Barbary Macaque

 An interview with Dr. Sian Waters

Total trade ban for Gibraltar's monkeys agreed

 Europe's only non-human primate, the Barbary Macaque, has gained the  highest level of species protection at the Cites meeting in  Johannesburg. 


Macaques to be Exported

Gibraltar to export nuisance Barbary Macaque monkeys 

Macaques Deported

Adult Barbary Macaques deported from Gibraltar to Scotland

Thirty of Gibraltar’s most troublesome monkeys are banished to Scotland